5 Simple Steps … And You’ll Avoid The Holiday Shopping Madness

5 Simple Steps … And You’ll Avoid The Holiday Shopping Madness

Odds are the turkey buzz has long worn off now.  It has been two weeks after all.  And at this point, ignoring your holiday shopping list is just not an option anymore.  Bummer!

Unless, of course, you’re in love with crowded shopping malls, fighting for parking spaces, and enjoy the seemingly never-ending sales pitch from every store.  In that case, all the power to you.

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I haven’t been inside a shopping mall in years and, I shall not lie, I do not miss it one bit.  I prefer elbow room and germ-free zones and such.  But, I am also a huge gift giver!

Over the past years, while avoiding shopping malls, I’ve deployed these simple steps to avoid the Christmas shopping madness.  And you can do the same…

5 Simple Steps To Avoid The Holiday Shopping Madness

Shop Online

For one, and this is a no-brainer, shop online exclusively.  Anything that needs to be tried on or closely inspected, shouldn’t be purchased for other people anyway.  Amazon and other online retailers will have great discounts for the holidays.  And odds are, you’ll be able to score free shipping too.

Elect Gift Wrap

If there is one activity that will drive me bonkers, it is gift wrapping.  Odds are, my wrapping job will look amateurish at best anyway.  Do yourself the favor and elect gift wrapping whenever offered by the retailer.  Who doesn’t like a gift arriving at the door, already wrapped and ready to go under the tree?

Ship to Recipient

This is a blessing in disguise.  Whenever I purchase gifts online, I have them not only gift wrap it but also send it to the person the gift is intended to.  I call this the “once-and-done” move.  Shopping will take you a few minutes only and you won’t ever have to deal with the post office during the holidays.

Keep it Simple

Do you agonize for months in advance about what to gift people?  Stop right now.  It is not worth the aggravation.  Allow yourself five minutes of time to think about a gift for each person.  If you can’t think of anything, stick to a nice bottle of wine, gift cards for their favorite stores, or a restaurant nearby.

Include Gift Receipts

Come January, I will have entered my “no spend month” zone.  That means I will not be shopping nor will I be dealing with holiday gifts any longer.  When you purchase your gift online, have the retailers include gift receipts.  This way, in case of returns, your friends and relatives can take care of it themselves without involving you.

How Will You Avoid The Holiday Shopping Madness?

These five steps to avoid the holiday shopping madness should save you a ton of time and probably save some of your nerves as well.  Holiday shopping does not have to be stressful.  After all, perfection is highly overrated and does nothing for the holiday spirit.

Save your nerves and time.  And get back to the fun holiday times.  Like baking cookies!

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5 Simple Steps … And You’ll Avoid The Holiday Shopping Madness Cookie

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