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More often than not the truth is hard to hear.  Between going to college for my accounting degree and becoming a CPA while working full-time and traveling as much as I could on my relatively small but steadily increasing salary, my twenty-year-old-self had it all figured out.  Or so I thought.  After all, I did contribute to my 401(k).

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Hiking in Ketchikan, Alaska

Fast forward 10 years, I was looking at another 25+ years until retirement, which did not work for someone with lofty world traveling goals and an inherent fear of eventually being too old to do so.  On top of that, I did not want to spend two more decades slaving away at my high-stress corporate job.  Let’s just say, I got real scared really fast.

While the idea of re-vamping my financial situation was churning in my head, I stumbled across two blogs in particular (Millennial Revolution and Mr. Money Mustache).  Those two blogs not only changed my view on early retirement possibilities but most importantly gave me the confidence to try to make it happen.

The biggest lesson, among so many others, I have taken away from binge reading until the wee morning hours is:

… building a portfolio makes you money, allowing you to retire early and follow your dreams …

Simple, right?  Well, if it is so simple why isn’t everyone building portfolios and living off the passive income forever?  Why do we buy expensive houses, cars, and clothes, only to work decades to pay them off vs. investing our hard earned money?  Because that’s what we are expected to do.

Wait what?  Expected?  Time to make our own rules…