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February 2018

Stock Market Corrections: Opportunity vs. Disaster

65% Savings Rate – My No Spend Challenge Success

January 2018

30 Free Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Frugal Nerd In You

Is the Bitcoin craze worth trading with FIRE?

Expense Tracking Update – 2017 Spending Hits and Misses

Confession Wednesday … I am cheating on my ETFs with Tesla!

Holidays be gone! It is time for No Spend January!

December 2017

Have the holidays drained your bank account? Here are the perfect money challenges for 2018!

Here comes 2018!  Are Goals For The New Year Pointless Or Ingenious?

I Don’t Want To Collect A Tax Return Next Year. And neither do you!

5 Simple Steps … And You’ll Avoid The Holiday Shopping Madness

November 2017

2018 is right around the corner and here is how we will save thousands in only 12 months!

When Quitting Backfires: How To Not Lose Your Retirement Vesting $$$

Let’s Take Apart The Republican Tax Plan Proposal

October 2017

Woohoo! Your Maximum Contribution Limit Increases By $500 In 2018

Freezing Your Credit Report Has Never Been So Easy

This One Single Item Can Make Your Costco Membership Fee Worthwhile

Expense Tracking Update – 3rd Quarter 2017 Spending Hits and Misses

September 2017

HSA – The Retirement Account In Disguise

Is Cutting Cable TV Worth It?

Equifax Credit Data Breach: Protect Yourself!

How long will your retirement savings last? Wonder no longer…

Are you going broke buying cat food?  Here is how to spend $100 a year per cat ONLY!

August 2017

Financial Muse … Six Month Blogversary

How I Doubled My Income in 4 Years

The $600 Financial Windfall You Are Missing Out On

I stopped buying water and it has been the best breakup!

How I lost 25 lbs in 3 months and saved big bucks in the process!

When can you ditch your 9 – 5? Let’s find out your net worth target by age!

July 2017

So you have not saved for retirement so far? Here is how to turn the tide!

Saving Money – Here are five places to score free books!

Saving Money – dry cleaners are cleaning out your bank account

Can you make extra cash with surveys?  You sure can.  I just did!

Surprise!  We are all being tricked into buying more than we want!

So you’ve screwed up your finances!  Now what?

Can you guess how much time is wasted on watching TV?

Traveling the world while on a budget to Virginia Beach: ocean, feet in the sand, and lot’s of R&R … all while saving $1k!

Expense Tracking Update – 2nd Quarter 2017 Spending Hits and Misses

June 2017

How to outmaneuver the expense creep and hack your personal savings rate goal!

THE definitive guide to retirement savings account types – all in one place!

Target Date Funds Pros and Cons – taking the road less traveled can pay off big

Part 4 – How to choose your investments wisely on behalf of your future self!

Saving Money – why comparing prices is crucial for your wallet and flowing locks

Can you and I make money with surveys?  Let’s find out…

Let’s all acquire patience for financial independence together!

Payday Loans – the potholes on your path to financial health

The 4% Rule: The opening bid of how much money you need to retire comfortably!

Millennial Myth Debunked – apparently we are killing chain restaurants

Attention all Singletons … 10 ways to date without going broke!

Yes, there is a foolproof way to avoid unnecessary purchases…

May 2017

Uncovered … The Frugal Habits of the Millionaire Next Door

Is Your Credit Card Debt Crushing Your Spirit?  It is time to pay it off fast…

Achieving Financial Independence … prank or reality?

The Top Ten Ways to Spend Your Money Wisely in the Summer

All the Money and Life Lessons I would give my younger self…

Part 3 – How to Set Up an Online Brokerage Account

Saving Money – smoking can cost you $1.5 million of your retirement savings

Quarterly Retirement Checkup … it’s like going to the doctor

Part 2 – Index Investing and why it is the simple way of coming out up top

Financial Literacy Amongst our Kids … how we are still lagging behind

How I paid off 30 thousand dollars in student loans and you can too!

Part I – Investing in stocks online for beginners … what to expect and not expect!

April 2017

How not contributing to your 401k in your 20s can cost you One Million Dollars!

Saving Money – drink your drink and get your buzz on without going to the poorhouse

As cute as they are … what is the cost of owning a cat?

Your Local Public Library … every money saver’s treasure trove

Expense Tracking Update – 1st Quarter 2017 Spending Hits and Misses

It is time to put a stop to the gender gap in retirement savings!

Hey Millennials – What will happen to Social Security in the future?

Public vs Private College Tuition – How to minimize the financial kick in the pants!

Saving Money – How to celebrate Valentine’s Day without getting ripped off!

Emergency funds make emergencies look like a joke!

Traveling the world while on a budget! Barcelona: sangria, tapas, and tons of churches … all while saving $2k!

March 2017

What your retirement savings goals by age should be!

How to buy a car and not get screwed!

Is there a downfall to retiring early?

Saving Money – Are manicures and pedicures a waste of cash?

Emotional Spending Triggers and how to avoid them

Saving Money – by minimizing your grocery bill

Pay Off Debt Fast and Get On Your Happy Dance

Savings % – how much is too little, too much or just right

Don’t Miss Out – One Surefire Way to Pocket Free Cash With Cash Back Credit Cards

Millennial Myth Debunked – apparently we suck at car buying

Your Retirement Stash of Cash – why is it so important?

Jeeze it is tough to be responsible with “The” annual bonus

401k & Roth 401k – what are they?

February 2017

Getting buy-in from your other half

Budgeting – Be your money’s boss

Saving Money – Brown Bagging Your Lunches

Expense Tracking Excel Templates – Unleash the Rockstar in You

Expense Tracking – more exciting than you think

Financial Freedom – let’s get started

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