Here comes 2018! Are Goals For The New Year Pointless Or Ingenious?

Here comes 2018! Are Goals For The New Year Pointless Or Ingenious

Are goals for the new year pointless?  They can sometimes seem like the unattainable version of yourself and your life.  But, since 99.9% of us are usually buzzed by midnight on December 31st, anything seems possible, right?

Over the past decade, I have set some realistic and some rather ambitious goals for myself.  You might be able to relate to some of them.  Or call me completely crazy…

A Walk Down “New Year’s Goals” Memory Lane

Lose 25 lbs. And Keep It Off

Accomplished! How I lost 25 lbs in 3 months and saved big bucks in the process!

Write A Book And Start A Blog

Partially Accomplished! I’ve (obviously) made the blog happen : )

Max Out All Retirement Accounts

Accomplished! HSA – The Retirement Account In Disguise

Travel To A Country I Haven’t Been To

Accomplished! Barcelona: sangria, tapas, and tons of churches!

Quit My Job And Run My Own Business

Not Accomplished! Ambitious and Overextended Much?

While I achieved some (lost the weight, started a blog, traveled a bunch, and maxed out my retirement accounts), I was clearly reaching for the skies at the time by wanting to write a book, quit my job, and start my own business as well.

So after a few years, I started to wonder about one thing.  Am I actually getting somewhere or are goals for the new year pointless?  I clearly was stretching myself too thin wanting to achieve it all in one year alone.  I mean we’re all awesome, but…

Here comes 2018! Are Goals For The New Year Pointless Or Ingenious wonder woman

Are Goals For The New Year Pointless?
Let’s Keep Things Grounded

My new and improved theory is that New Year’s goals shouldn’t be the endgame itself.  Instead, they should be the path that will ultimately get you to your final goal.

This way, when we ask ourselves again whether “goal for the new year pointless?”, I can honestly say that they’re ingenious as you are continuously moving closer and closer to your final goal with every passing year.

So, what is 2018 going to look like?  My # 1 ultimate goal is to retire early, since retiring at age 65 and working my 9-5 for another 30+ years gives me a pounding headache.

In order to reach this goal, my 2018 “mini” goal is to again max out all retirement accounts.  And, additionally, contribute any extra cash I have to my brokerage account.

My #2 goal is to continue working on as well as improving Financial Muse.  A lot of work has already gone into this blog and I have had a lot of fun with it over the past year.

The fun will continue into 2018, as I have many ideas regarding posts, a new blog layout, and theme, etc.  It’s also been a heck of a lot of fun communicating will all of you guys!

Now it is your turn!  What are your “mini” goals for 2018 leading up to which ultimate goal?  Or do you think goals are pointless and skip them all together?

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