Equifax Credit Data Breach: Protect Yourself!

credit data breach

If you have followed the news over the past few days, you are probably as worried as I am.  Equifax suffered a credit data breach starting mid-May through July 2017.  143 million people are likely affected and the news didn’t break until now.

Message from Rick Smith, Chairman and CEO of Equifax

Cyber attacks are scary!  There is no need to beat around the bush.  Having important information such as your name, birth date, address, and social security number stolen can have massive impacts on your credit and life in general.

In this particular credit data breach, names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and driver’s license numbers of approximately 209,000 US consumers were stolen.  Additionally, credit dispute documents of 182,000 US consumers were accessed as well.  A limited number of Canadian and UK residents are likely part of the breach too.

In short, Equifax’ defenses were breached and we, the consumer, might be paying the price for it!

Following a Credit Data Breach – how to protect yourself!

Equifax is taking the right steps for us consumers by offering complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring.  If you or anyone you know, family and friends, would like to take advantage of their offer, click on the link below.

Equifax’ Complimentary Identity Theft Protection and Credit File Monitoring

The site will ask you for your last name and last six digits of your social security numbers.  Not the information anyone wants to hand out after a cyber security breach.  But, following such a breach, credit monitoring and identity theft protection is a must.  So I’ve signed up!

Once you have entered your information, Equifax will tell you if your information was likely part of the credit data breach.  Next, the site will provide you with an enrollment date and a link to TrustedID Premier.  On or after your enrollment date, you can visit TrustedID Premier and complete the enrollment process.

What about you?  Will you be taking steps to monitor your identity and credit?  Or will you be rolling with the punches?

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