Expense Tracking Update – 3rd Quarter 2017 Spending Hits and Misses

3rd Quarter 2017 Spending

What I dreaded at first, has become quite the quarterly challenge.  Yes, I am talking about tracking my expenses.  A few years ago, I would have never thought about or done anything about it.  But since tracking my expenses for all of 2016 and discovering several eye-opening expense drains, I am now a believer!  Deep down I hope that putting my expenses out there and documenting my progress will turn you into an expense tracking believer as well.  Without further ado, my 3rd quarter 2017 spending.

3rd Quarter 2017 Spending Hits and Misses!

3rd Quarter 2017 Spending expense chart

3rd Quarter 2017 Spending Hits

My spending hits are far and few in between this quarter.  Which is a bit upsetting but motivates me to do better this coming quarter of the year.  I have finally got a handle on my snack and lunch expenses at work.  It helps that the cafeteria at my new job isn’t all that great!  My grocery budget has jumped a bit, but taking food to work is still a lot cheaper than spending cash at work.

3rd Quarter 2017 Spending Misses

This quarter has been an expensive one.  Which, of course, was not intentional.  It just happened to fall into place this way.  For one, my car was due for its 80k service.  This turned into $1,000 worth of work I didn’t see coming my way.

My miscellaneous spending was out of control this quarter.  Mainly due to a baby shower I planned for a good friend of mine.  Adding to that is our trip to Tennessee (log cabin living!) and a bunch of new clothes I bought for my new job.

I will definitely have to do better the last quarter of this year!  So far, I have only met my target savings rate three times this year with a 4th time cutting it really close.  Not nearly where I want to be!!

What are your 3rd Quarter 2017 Spending Hits and Misses?

Now it’s your turn!  Go ahead and check your expenses.  What you find might surprise you.  Let these easy to use templates help you track and budget your spending!

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