Can you make extra cash with surveys? You sure can. I just did!

extra cash with surveys

Side hustles are truly the best way to supplement your 9 to 5 income.  All of us have different financial goals.  But no matter what those goals might be, side hustles will get you there faster.

A month ago I was wondering whether you and I could make extra cash with surveys.  Are they true money makers or get rich quick schemes?  What better way to find out then put the hypothesis to the test.

All good experiments benefit from diversification.  So I signed up for three popular survey companies.  Just in case one has only a few surveys available a month, there would still be enough other options.

American Consumer Opinion

The sign up was super simple.  You can read all about it right here.  All in all, I was able to take 5 surveys over the past month, each worth 5 points.  The time investment was minimal, but a total of 25 points isn’t all that much to brag about either.  After all, the cashout limit is 1,000 points.

Conclusion: Sign up was easy.  Time investment was small.  Survey offerings were fewer than expected.  Might take some time to reach the cashout limit!


Same as with American Consumer Opinion, signing up for Swagbucks was simple.  The similarities end right there though.  Just for registering, verifying my email, completing my profile, and setting up a security question, I received 13 points.

I qualified for a total of eight surveys this past month.  But instead of receiving only five points each, the Swagbucks received varied by survey between 50 – 100 points for a total 570 Swagbucks.  Since the lowest cashout limit starts at 300 SBs, that actually turned out to be a decent amount of points to make extra cash with surveys.

It is important to note that you will not qualify for every survey.  But, Swagbucks offers one point for the majority of surveys you do not qualify for.  That doesn’t seem like much at first.  But it actually ended up totaling to 43 points over the past month.

Also, I vacationed in Virginia Beach for a week this past month and did not take any surveys during that week.  I think I could have made it to 1,000 SBs if it weren’t for the trip.  No regrets 🙂

Conclusion: Sign up was easy.  Time investment was larger than with American Consumer Opinion, but in direct relation to more surveys offered and taken.  Surveys are rewarded with more points.  And the redeemable limit is much easier to reach!

PineCone Research

Sign up for this particular research company wasn’t as easy as you would expect.  I ended up using this link.  I wish I could provide more information on this survey company, but I received the following message upon sign up.

“Thank you for your interest in PineCone Research. Unfortunately, there are no available openings for members with a household make-up that aligns with yours at this time. However, we will keep your registration for a few weeks in case a spot opens up.”

Conclusion: A few weeks have come and gone without any word.  So this is neither a favorable nor unfavorable review of PineCone Research.  Go ahead and sign-up to see if your household is a fit.  And let us know in the comments section how it turned out.

Making Extra Cash with Surveys – The Verdict

Swagbucks is the clear winner!  If you set away a few minutes every day to log into your account and go through all surveys available to you, you will absolutely be able to accumulate 500 – 1,000 Swagbucks per month.  My suggestion would be to take surveys when you are occupied with something else such as watching TV.

Will surveys be your way to riches?  Absolutely not!  But you will be able to make some extra cash with surveys (or gift cards) on the side.  I personally will continue taking surveys and cash them out via $5 – $10 Amazon gift cards.  The plan is to buy household essentials with them.  Less money spent out of pocket is more money saved!

extra cash with survey rewards

What do you think?  Will you sign up for one or more survey companies to make some extra cash?

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