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“Let’s all retire at 65 and hope we will live long enough and stay healthy to enjoy the time we have left.”  Does that sound good to you?  Everyone raise their hand if it doesn’t.  Just for the record, I raised both my hands because it most definitely doesn’t! 

Welcome to Financial Muse, a blog about all things personal finance.  Here we will deep dive into anything and everything related to money.  Predominantly how you are being “told” to spend your hard earned cash vs. achieving financial freedom instead.

Financial freedom can mean different things to different people.  Do you want to…

… pay off your credit card(s)
… rid yourself of your car loan(s)
… say goodbye to your mortgage
… create a safety net 
… start investing
… become financially independent 

… all of the above 

Any version which applies to you is your very own version of financial freedom!

We are all being influenced on a daily basis by highly skilled marketers telling us which goods and services will bring us immense happiness.  However, said happiness tends to be short lived.  What is not short lived is the debt that often comes along with it.

Financial freedom does not come in the form of a McMansion on the coast, an R-8 in the driveway (no matter how gorgeous it is), and luxury yacht vacations.  As amazing as it sounds, all of it is being “sold” to you as happiness.

That type of bogus happiness is keeping you from being free.  Free from the chains that tie you to your 9 to 5 paychecks only so you can pay off your debt over years and years to come.  Enough is enough!  It is time to stop being 9 to 5 robots and take charge! 

Over the next (read tons) posts we will be polishing up our financial know-how, creating a safety cushion, and even making our way to financial independence before the dreaded deadline of 65!  And as a regular reader of this blog, you are already one step closer!

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