Financial Muse … Six Month Blogversary

Financial Muse Six Month Blogversary

This past week, Financial Muse celebrated its six month blogversary.  And it is hard to believe how fast time has flown by.  At first, blogging can sound like such a lonely activity, but it is actually everything but.

I have met many fantastic people from the personal finance community (and even a know-it-all troll).  All of who have taught me so much about themselves and what personal finance means to them (aside from the troll of course lol).

Six Months Ago…

Way back when, my wish for this blog was to document my journey to financial independence all while helping others along the way do the same.  I was inspired by others sharing their stories and, in hopes of keeping myself accountable and inspiring others, decided to share mine as well.

This journey has been invaluable so far.  Blogging has become a way of staying on track by tracking expenses and attempting to drive up my savings rate while looking for new ways to save.  And many of you have joined in through social media and comments left in response to the blog posts.

The “Club”

To date, the Financial Muse club is close to 1,000 followers strong.  And steadily growing with more followers joining every day, sharing ideas, learning, and teaching others.


Twitter has been an amazing platform to connect with people equally frugally minded, financial independence bound, and some who have already reached their financial goals.

619 followers to date.  Join in today!


Pinterest has been a great way of sharing, inspiring, and being inspired with the help of images.  Sometimes, stories are best shared with visuals.  And Pinterest makes it all possible.

  184 followers to date.  Join in today!


Instagram is very similar to Pinterest.  Aside from the caveat that links are not easily shareable.  Nevertheless, it has been another way to connect, share, and learn.

172 followers to date.  Join in today!

Six Month Blogversary “Favorite Post Roundup”

Writing blog posts is one thing.  But finding out which ones are your favorites is better.  Below are the five top posts from the first six months.

The 4% Rule: The opening bid of how much money you need to retire comfortably!

THE definitive guide to retirement savings account types – all in one place!

Achieving Financial Independence … prank or reality?

When can you ditch your 9 – 5? Let’s find out your net worth target by age!

All the Money and Life Lessons I would give my younger self…

Side Hustle

Blogs can be monetized in a  number of ways.  May it be via advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling products. Some bloggers don’t monetize at all.  Others enough to earn what they’ve put into it for hosting.  While a few have turned their blogs into businesses.

So far, I have concentrated on building the blog vs. monetizing it.  I did add advertising to it during the early months and have made an immaterial amount of money with it to date.  Since monetization has not yet been my focus, I don’t mind this lack of progress one bit.

I do plan on paying more attention to possible monetization strategies in the future, although have not made any concrete plans to date.  If I, at some point, can recoup my hosting fee, I’ll be happy 🙂  And I’ll be sure to post about my progress at that point.

Thank You

A big thanks to all my readers and a great welcome to all news ones!  Be sure to take a look at the complete listing of all post from the past six months.  I look forward to the next six and will be sure to follow up my six month blogversary with the one year one.

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