I stopped buying water and it has been the best breakup!

stopped buying water

A few months ago, I was hit by what I have started to call the “bottled water trifecta”.  What on earth am I talking about?  Let me explain.

1. I was lugging home a twelve pack of water bottles.  And the entire pack felt as heavy as a ton of bricks, which put me in an incredibly awesome mood.  (*dripping with sarcasm*)

2. That same afternoon, I stumbled upon a YouTube video outlining what would happen to Mother Earth if humanity would disappear right this second. Surprise, it would take longer for plastic and glass bottles to degrade than nuclear material.  (*gasp*)

3. I was tracking my expenses that night and took notice of how much money I spent on water bottles this last year.  Spoiler alert, I spent a bit over $1,000 on water alone in 2016.  (*ouch*)

Needless to say, by the end of the day my relationship with bottled water had hit a snag and we broke up.  Yes, I stopped buying water and have yet to look back.

I stopped buying water and here are 5 reasons why you should consider the same!
  • 24% of bottled water sold in the U.S. is produced by Pepsi owned Aquafina and Coke’s Dasani.  Reason to ditch bottled water: both companies are using purified, municipal water, aka your tap water.
  • U.S. public water supplies are regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  Daily tests are required and made public.  The FTA (Food and Drug Administration) regulating bottled water only requires weekly tests and does not share findings with the public.  Reason to ditch bottled water: public water is tested more rigorously.
  • Although recycling has become a much more common practice this past decade, we are far away from 100%.  Of the 167 average water bottles consumer per year, only 38 were recycled.  Reason to ditch bottled water: Mother Earth has enough to deal with without our plastic trash hitting landfills.
  • Some plastic bottles contain the chemical element antimony, which can cause dizziness and depression in small doses.  In large doses, it can cause major, immediate effects such as nausea, vomiting, and death.  Reason to ditch bottled water: plastic can have negative effects on your short- and long-term health.
  • Having our best interest in mind, doctors tell us to drink eight glasses of water a day.   Eight glasses of tap water cost you $0.49 per year.  Eight glasses of bottled water will cost you well over $1,000 per year.  Reason to ditch bottled water: there are plenty of other things you could do with your hard earned cash!
Too many pros, not enough cons!

I’m done with plastic bottled water for all eternity.  I have purchased two reusable water bottles, one for work and the other for at home.  Aside from saving a ton of cash by not buying bottled, purified tap water sold to me as “special” water, I look forward to never carrying home a case of water from the store again.  And helping out Mother Earth in the meantime is just an added bonus.

How about you?  Are you still buying bottled water?  Will you make the switch?

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And if you’d like to watch the video I referenced earlier, go ahead and hit play.  This is definitely one of the more profounding videos I have watched as of late.

8 thoughts on “I stopped buying water and it has been the best breakup!

  1. Other than the very rare one-off situations, we are reusable bottle fans all the way! It was more a money/practicality issue for us, but looking at this con list, I’m glad we are not in the plastic bottle cycle!

  2. I’m pro tap water all the way, it’s all we have at home and it has never bothered me. At my office we have one of those Brita filters and I keep a reusable water bottle there. I honestly don’t even remember the last time we bought disposable bottles…probably on our last road trip.
    I wish more people would be like you and quit using plastic, it’s so expensive and terrible for the environment!

    • Financial Muse says:

      I think it’s awesome that you don’t even recall the last time you bought bottled water! That will be me months down the road 🙂

    • Financial Muse says:

      My fridge has a water dispenser. But I can’t for the life of me remember what the name of the filter is.

      If your fridge doesn’t have filter capabilities, a filter for the kitchen faucet will do the trick too.

  3. I have lived several places in Europe and now I am in Norway. I Norway you won t find huge piles of mineral water in the supermarket because you can simply drink from the tap (a luxury often forgotten :). When I lived in Paris I lived on the last floor of a building and just used a Brita can, I did not really do it for the savings but more for convenience. Not sure how much I saved but it looks like I made a deal anyway 🙂

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