Surprise! We are all being tricked into buying more than we want!

tricked into buying more

Have you lately walked into Target, Costco, or really any other store with one item on the list?  How many items did you walk out with?  Odds are, more than the one on the list.  As it turns out, this isn’t your fault at all.  You are being tricked into buying more than you actually want!

To make things even worse, we are being tricked into buying more things with more than one tactic.  So if you know about one tactic, odds are you are falling for another one.  I’m not one for falling into traps, so digging into the subject matter was a must.

Smart marketing experts are spending their days trying to figure out how to get us to do exactly what they want.  That is what they get paid for after all.  And companies such as your supermarket are paying top dollars for their strategies.

All of us are falling hopelessly into their net of disguise.  Until now!  Below are ten ways companies are trying to influence our buying choices.  Keep on reading and soon enough you will know about and avoid them all.  Nothing is more satisfying than beating marketers at their game.

How we are being tricked into buying more than we want!
Oversized Carts

There is a distinct reason why supermarkets and other stores will offer a greater number of carts than baskets.  Shopping carts are proven to entice shoppers like you and I to spend 37% more.

Stick to baskets vs. carts!

Little Ones

Marketers are using your little ones against you too.  Those small shopping carts for kids are a ploy to keep you in the store longer.  And pricey products are put at kids’ eye level on purpose to encourage begging.

Try to leave the little ones at home!

Catchy Music

Stores love to play tunes that motivate and stimulate you to buy certain products.  Fun fact, Christmas music is especially effective, enticing shoppers to spend 17% more than they would otherwise.

Bring your iPod and listen to your own music!

Large Bills

Next time during check out, pay close attention to what type of change you get back.  Cashiers are trained to give you back the smallest possible denominations.  All because people spend smaller bills quicker than larger ones.

Carry around larger bills.  You’ll spend them at a much slower pace!

Faux Sizes

This one surprised me quite a bit.  Retailers like to tag clothes as smaller sizes than they actually are.  Simply to trick you into feeling good about you and how you fit into the clothes.  Which you are now sure to buy.

Buy clothes that fit you well and make you feel good.  Ignore the tags!

Flattering Rooms

Clothing stores are masters at perfect lighting.  They have figured out how to make you look refreshed and even tanned with the right lighting reflected by the mirrors.  Looking extra good in the mirror costs you 19% more in purchases.

Take a good look at the clothes before you head to the changing rooms!

Speed Bumps

This one I had a hard time believing until I paid close attention the next time I went shopping.  There are bumps in the floor ensuring you slow down.  And spend 17% more while making it over the bump.

Pay attention to bumps ” in the road” and pass by the trap quickly!

Free Samples

Free samples have one purpose only.  To tempt you into buying the food you are tasting.  Costco is a master at this with food samples on every corner.  40% of people will buy more food when tasting samples.

Try to ignore the samples.  If you can’t, don’t shop on an empty stomach!

Road Blocks

Supermarkets, in particular, are known to build pyramids and mountains of products.  These aren’t there for show.  They are put there to stop you in your tracks.  Distractions increase our willingness to buy 35% more and pay 15% more.

When you encounter one, know it’s there to dupe you into buying more.  Pass on by!

Store Discounts

Store credit card discounts are one more way to pull you back into the store over and over again.  And, of course, to buy more product than you otherwise would have due to special offers made to their credit card holders.

Get the discount but ensure you buy only items you would have bought no matter what?

Did any of these ten items surprise you?  Which one(s) do you think you have fallen for in the past?  And most importantly, will you make sure to avoid them in the future?  Less money spent is more money saved!

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4 thoughts on “Surprise! We are all being tricked into buying more than we want!

  1. I already knew a few, but some are really surprising! Interesting to know.

    Here I also notice that in lower shelfs are the cheaper products, so the more expensive stuff is higher and on eye level. You’ll notice these first and tend to buy the expensive items sooner.

  2. Hey! Interesting post. As a person who earns a living as a professional marketer, I’ll admit some of these were new to me. Position of merchandise is a huge one. Premium position is at eye level. Sampling isn’t really a trick as I think everyone understands the intent. The loyalty card also data mine your spending habits so they can target promotions to you and your individual interests/preferred brands. This can be a good thing if you take advantage of the coupons/discounts they offer you. Marketing isn’t always evil. The people in the industry aren’t all out to trick you…but, yes, it’s our job to increase sales. Just like its our job as consumers to be savvy spenders and active savers! Nice, informative list to help people know what’s up!

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